Marvin Delcid

May 2017 Youth Spotlight: Marvin Delcid

Marvin Delcid is about to graduate from Bell Multicultural High School ready to continue his work in sustainable agriculture, a passion he’s had since he was a young boy working his uncle’s farm in El Salvador. He was 14 when he moved to the U.S. to reunite with his mother, excited for the educational opportunities a…

Data Word Cloud

Partner Spotlight: Deloitte Consulting, LLP

At LAYC, program data drives many decisions: from using data to inform program improvement to tracking log-term outcomes for program participants. With over 50 programs in action in four place-based sites, school based sites, and dozens of service points through partner schools and organizations, LAYC creates and collects a lot of data. Thanks to our…

Franklin Peralta

April 2017 Staff Spotlight: Franklin Peralta

by Promotor Pathway® Director Shayna Scholnick and Promotor Pathway® Clinical Supervisor Patty Santucci Almost 17 years ago to the date, Franklin Peralta first made his mark as a staff member at LAYC. What he’s done in those 17 years is hard to put down on paper—from the countless number of youth he’s mentored, to the…

New LAYC Program: Manhood 2.0 and the “Man Box”

By Tyvon Hewitt, Manhood 2.0 Youth Developer “You need to man up.” This has become one of the most toxic phrases a young man can hear. Gender equity work has been done for hundreds of years through many different methods. Very rarely does the work include young men as agents of this change and acknowledge…

engageDC GWU Volunteers

Partner Spotlight: The George Washington University’s Honey W. Nashman Center for Public Service and Civic Engagement

  Every afternoon, students from the neighborhood come to LAYC’s DC Teen Center for after-school programs in academics, art, media, and leadership. We are proud to be a community partner with The George Washington University’s (GWU) Honey W. Nashman Center for Public Service and Civic Engagement through engageDC, which connects students with service opportunities in DC….

Brenda Peña

April 2017 Youth Spotlight: Brenda Peña

Brenda, 17, plans to become a public health researcher focusing on sexually transmitted infections in low-income communities. She owes her new aspirations to her mentor Maximilian who introduced her to the varied career paths in health care. He specializes in global health at a government agency. Until a few months ago, Brenda thought she’d become…