Full Circle Brotherhood (FCB) mentoring program targets young men in our Montgomery County Conservation Corps (MCCC) and offers mentorship support to middle school-aged boys from White Oak Middle School. In partnership with YMCA Youth and Family Services and the Gandhi Brigade, the program aims to encourage, support, and empower local youth to lead a healthier life through positive youth development and mentorship. What makes FCB unique is that the program follows a group mentoring model of mentorship.

Mentors meet with mentees twice a week. One of those days, the program focuses on teamwork through recreational activities such as soccer, basketball, and kickball that help us increase their interpersonal skills. Mentors also provide workshops for mentees that focus on real-life issues. Who to better guide our youngest and easily influenced youth than young adults of similar backgrounds and ethnicities.

Alejandro, 12, likes the program because it’s “fun and energetic.” On a more serious note, he adds, “I’ve learned about the importance of trust and respect. My mentor is nice, and I can trust him.”

FCB understands that after school hours are a prime time for engaging young people. Our programming offers a safe space where they can learn and grow, form lasting friendships, have fun, and be enriched by a curriculum that fosters:

  • Knowledge of self, creative expression
  • Respect and empathy for one’s peers, families, and communities
  • Healthy relationships and lifestyle choices
  • Individual and collective responsibility within and beyond the program

Full Circle BrotherhoodWith FCB, the young mentors are striving to live more consciously, having defined manhood, brotherhood, and leadership and applying it to everyday life. They are also are working towards their GED, job readiness, and personal self-growth as they embark on a journey of mentorship.

They are a profound example of the cycle of leadership.


8700 Georgia Avenue, Suite 500, Silver Spring, Maryland 20910, White Oak Middle School.


Alycia Chuney, Program Manager, alycia@layc-dc.org.