LAYC offers a variety of activities for students after school at LAYC sites and at partner schools:

The Youth Engagement Program organizes after-school activities for students at partner schools in Riverdale, MD.

The Club engages youth who are involved in or are at risk of being involved in gangs, violence, or delinquency in peacebuilding after-school activities in Washington, DC.

Youth Empowered Towards Success addresses gang involvement risk factors through workshops, recreation, and community involvement in Riverdale, MD.

The Youth Engagement Program (YEP)

Youth Engagement ProgramThis program serves the Riverdale community by organizing recreational activities, professional development workshops, arts and crafts, guest speaker presentations, field trips, and community events for students at partner schools. YEP offers its activities in rotating themes every three months, including teen exploration, health and fitness, and environmental conservation.


William Wirt Middle School, Riverdale, Maryland.


Jalon Dobbins, Youth Developer,, (301) 779-2851 x326.

The Club

The ClubThis program engages youth who are involved in or are at risk of becoming involved in gangs, violence, or delinquency. The program aims to address the culture and institutions of violence prevalent in many communities.

We believe youth have the power and wisdom to transform their own behavior. The Club provides youth and the community with effective alternatives to school disciplinary and juvenile justice responses that promote true accountability, personal growth, and constructive reintegration into the community. We emphasize social-emotional learning, personal expression, wrap-around social service referrals, as well as meaningful involvement and relationships within their community.

Youth may receive community service or internship hours.


  • Must be between 14-19 years old
  • Live in DC Wards 1 or 4
  • Must submit an application form

To Apply

Youth of all backgrounds who are interested in joining the Club may obtain an application in the DC Teen Center from Claudia Diaz, at 1419 Columbia Road, NW, in Columbia Heights. The Club meets Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4–6 p.m.


Kaplan Building, 1419 Columbia Road, NW, Washington, DC.


Marie Moll Amego, Program Manager,, (202) 319-2280.

Youth Empowered Towards Success Gang Prevention Program (MD)

Youth Empowered Towards SuccessThe Youth Empowered Towards Success (YETS) Program provides the Phoenix Gang Prevention and Intervention model to students attending Northwestern High School and High Point High School in Prince George’s County, MD. The program addresses the risk factors of gang involvement and prevention through a series of workshops, recreational opportunities, and community involvement for the youth.

Many of the workshops highlight college preparation, job readiness training, and health and fitness. In addition, the program utilizes the Phoenix Curriculum to provide workshops on a variety of topics: problem-solving, risk factors and avoidance skills, prevention factors, peer pressure, gang issues, and bullying.

YETS participants attend community events, recreational field trips, and obtain the required community service hours to graduate. The YETS program also offers a summer program where students attend four days out of the week and take part in life skills workshops,  art projects, and leadership activities.

This program is supported by Prince George’s County Department of Family Services and Capital One.


Northwestern High School and High Point High School, Riverdale, Maryland.


Alasia Davis,  Next Generation Program Manager,, (301) 779-2851 x 321.