Youth Spotlight: Tania Perez

When Tania Perez picked up a tennis racquet for the first time two years ago at LAYC’s Healthy Kids Fair, she had no idea the impact it would have on her life. This summer, Tania attended the United States Tennis Association NJTL Leadership Tennis Camp in Denver, CO, where she spent a week participating in…

Youth Spotlight: Mirna Ayala

Had Mirna Ayala not decided to help out a friend, she may have never been turned on to AmeriCorps.

“Mirna originally started working with us as a volunteer, assisting her friend and former AmeriCorps member, Yessy Silard,” AmeriCorps coordinator Karen Brumbaugh said. “She loved working with the kids and soon, she had completed and turn in her application for AmeriCorps.”

Youth Spotlight: Adebukunola “Bookie” Adenariwo

Adebukunola (Bookie) Adenariwo joined LAYC’s Teen Health Promoters program two years ago to explore whether she wanted to pursue a career in health care.

In June, Bookie graduated from high school and will seek a nursing degree at Norfolk State University in the fall. The Teen Health Promotor program was one of the main influences in Bookie’s decision. Says Bookie, “In order to be successful, you need help. Everyone needs that extra connection. Teen Health Promoters is a great learning experience, and Allison, the program coordinator, motivated and encouraged me.”

Youth Spotlight: Erika Perez

Erika Perez, a mother of two sons, is very proud of all that she learned in the Family to Family Mentoring Program at Latin American Youth Center.

A participant in Family to Family from January through May 2009, Erika feels that the program taught her a great deal about improving her relationships with her partner and children-and about her own strengths. Says Erika, “I have learned a great deal about things to teach my children and have I have overcome many of my own fears, such as speaking in front of a group. I would encourage parents to participate; this is a very important program.”

Youth Spotlight: Shari King

Shari King Shari King, a 10th grader at Bell Multicultural High School, is determined to pursue post-secondary education.  LAYC’s Department of Employment Services In-School Program helped her make that decision. Shari joined the program in 2008 with few plans for her life after high school. LAYC’s program offered Shari a range of opportunities: after-school tutoring,…