Franklin Peralta

Promotor Franklin Peralta Honored by DC Mayor, Venture Philanthropy Partners, and Superstar Foundation

By Jamie Cotta, Patty Santucci, and Shayna Scholnick Congratulations to Franklin Peralta for being recognized not once but twice this year for his work with youth in our Promotor Pathway® ! In September, he received the 2019 Mayor Muriel Bowser Hispanic Heritage Month Award. Earlier this month, he was awarded Venture Philanthropy Partners’ (VPP) first…

July 2017 Staff Spotlight: Kynai Johnson

Kynai Johnson is Deputy Director for LAYC’s Education & Workforce programs. She’s been at LAYC for four years, is extremely dedicated to its mission, and is particularly focused on serving young people and communities of color. A tremendous asset to the organization, Kynai has exceptional analytical and organizational skills, which she uses to identify opportunities…

Lupi Quinteros-Grady

June 2017 Staff Spotlight: Lupi Quinteros-Grady

Over two decades at LAYC, Lupi Quinteros-Grady has pretty much seen it all. She’s currently the Director of the Maryland Multicultural Youth Centers (MMYC), LAYC’s division in Maryland, and was integral to the decision in 2005 to expand our services to the growing number of immigrant youth who had begun moving to the Maryland suburbs….

Avery Gollinge

May 2017 Staff Spotlight: Avery Gollinge

By Juan Callejas, Gaby Martínez, and Mary Jo Vásquez of the DC Prevention Center Wards 1 & 2 As a Community Mobilization Specialist at LAYC, Avery Gollinge is a key member of the DC Prevention Center (DCPC) team. She brings great passion to the work as she supports youth, families, residents, and service providers in the…

Franklin Peralta

April 2017 Staff Spotlight: Franklin Peralta

by Promotor Pathway® Director Shayna Scholnick and Promotor Pathway® Clinical Supervisor Patty Santucci Almost 17 years ago to the date, Franklin Peralta first made his mark as a staff member at LAYC. What he’s done in those 17 years is hard to put down on paper—from the countless number of youth he’s mentored, to the…

Cecilia Dos Santos

March 2017 Staff Spotlight: Cecilia Dos Santos

Cecilia Dos Santos is LAYC’s special projects manager and in-house guru on immigration issues. She is also the number one fan of six-year-old immigration activist Sophie Cruz. Cecilia started her career at LAYC as a program coordinator for a new domestic violence prevention program in 2013. She developed LAYC’s Healthy Relationships program, including prevention trainings…