WASHINGTON, DC, September 15, 2013 -LAYC’s fierce leader Lori Kaplan sat down with Venture Philanthropy Partners to talk LAYC’s history and the secret to our 45 years of success, and counting.

An excerpt of the article is below. Please visit Venture Philanthropy Partners for the complete interview.

Since taking over as LAYC executive director in 1987, Lori has managed growth from a neighborhood hang-out for Latino and recent immigrant kids into a nationally recognized organization that has changed life trajectories for thousands of young people and their families. Today, LAYC boasts a staff of 200, an annual budget of more than $14 million, and a fan club that includes presidents, first ladies, and CEOs.

“I tell people if we don’t think big, if we don’t think bold, if we don’t think we can pull it off, we won’t,” she says. “As hard as some challenges can be, it never occurs to me that we won’t make things happen.”

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