Capture the flag game

Latin American Youth Center’s summer programs are in full effect! Across DC and Maryland, staff have opened our doors to over 720 young people.

At Rita Bright Family and Youth Center in DC, summer enrichment includes mentorship programming for youth of elementary school age. “Who can tell me the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset?” asks Malcolm Evans to a classroom of 20 youth.

Evans leads a mentorship group called G.A.M.E. 7, which focuses on building character and teaching young people strategies for leading successful lives. The curriculum brings to the classroom skills typically associated with the world of sports. It draws parallels between the perseverance of a professional athlete and the resilience of young people that youth can tap into at school and beyond.

Workshop facilitator give participant a high five
After a morning focused on discussing learning mindsets and financial freedom, the group headed to the gymnasium to play team sports such as dodgeball and capture the flag.

In Riverdale, Prince George’s County, high schoolers our Next Generation Scholars program participated in a mock competition as part of the Capstone program. Four teams created and delivered business presentations as if they were presenting their plan to a Silicon Valley executive. The teams were competing for a $10 million contract for continuous security assessments and services.

Students working on presentations

Each team was challenged to leverage the cybersecurity knowledge they had gained in the Capstone program to identify critical vulnerabilities on YouTube’s platform, and develop strategies to address them.

Teams developed their own company names and branding, and crafted and perfected pitches for prototypes of cybersecurity products that could be implemented on YouTube.

Student designed logo for mock competition team

LAYC’s summer program activities are tailored to help youth build both skills and confidence. Youth participate in educational modules that reinforce learning gains made during the school year, while also building social-emotional skills they can use for the rest of their lives. Additionally, through our workforce programming, young people had the chance to explore different jobs and discover careers that they might be interested in pursuing.

Summer programs at LAYC offer a unique opportunity for youth to learn and have fun in a safe space. Our programs provide breakfast and lunch to young people so that they can be focused and engaged, since some may not always have access to healthy foods. By providing additional support, we ensure that all youth can experience a fulfilling summer.

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