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Midlands DC LAYC
LAYC’s Mike Leon, right, and Cecilia Dos Santos represented LAYC at The Midlands Beer Garden on Presidents’ Day for benefit day.

Peyton Sherwood, Robin Webb Allen, and Trent Allen have worked together over the last few years with different restaurants and bars in the DMV.  They came together to open a true community watering hole in the Parkview community of DC, The Midlands Beer Garden on 3333 Georgia Ave, NW.

The owners reached out to LAYC and proposed something phenomenal. Their idea was to host a Presidents’ Day benefit and give back 100% of the day’s proceeds to support youth health and wellness programs at LAYC.  “I couldn’t believe my ears! A local business supporting a non-profit at that level. This is really unheard of in the very competitive restaurant business,” said Mike Leon, LAYC Community Wellness Director.

It must have been fate that Presidents’ Day turned out to be a warm and sunny day in February, because record crowds showed up to enjoy the weather on the holiday. Many others were motivated by the generosity of the owners of The Midlands.  “I believe the owners share many of LAYC’s values, and that is why it was perfect,” said LAYC President & CEO Lori Kaplan.

During the event, we were able to promote our mission with patrons and sell our “Our Dreams Are Not Illegal” t-shirts.

A big THANK YOU to Peyton, Robin, Trent, and the Midlands staff and patrons for your support of LAYC!

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