Luis Quiñones

by Lupi Quinteros Grady, Maryland Mulitcultural Youth Centers Acting Director; and Patricia Bravo, Acting Chief Operating Officer

Luis Quiñones is LAYC’s Education Director and has been with the organization for 10 years. Luis was instrumental in building programs at LAYC’s Maryland sites, the Maryland Multicultural Youth Centers (MMYC), in workforce development, college access, and AmeriCorps programs.

As the director of education, Luis brings great energy and expertise in serving our youth. He never hesitates to pitch in on organizational priorities. He is always one of the first to volunteer to take on new projects, such as heading a leadership and professional development workgroup, co-facilitating the middle managers meetings, or developing talking points on increased gang activity or testimonies for the DC City Council. And, although he has a large and complex department to lead, he always gives his all to the organization’s wider priorities, making many of us wonder where he finds the time.

Luis is innovative and committed to working with our communities. He also makes himself available to younger staff for guidance and mentoring. Luis is a valuable team player at the Latin American Youth Center. We are grateful for his leadership and that he is part of our LAYC family.

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