Toan Le

By Joan Othieno, Ph.D. Learning and Evaluation Director

The name Toan Le is best associated with L & E (LAYC’s Learning & Evaluation Department), ETO (Efforts to Outcomes outcomes software), and outcomes data. But that has not always been the case. Toan is an individual with multiple layers and has worn and still wears many hats at LAYC that entail much more than “crunching numbers.” Striking too, is the fact that he does all this with an unfaltering smile, patience, and a commitment to excellence and success.

Toan first joined LAYC in 2010 as an AmeriCorps member, a role he held for two years in various capacities including as a health educator for four schools (E.L. Haynes Middle School, MacFarland Middle School, Meridian Elementary and Middle School, and Capital City Middle School), and an after-school tutor for two schools (MacFarland Middle School and Powell Elementary School).

Toan’s transition to working with data is reflected in his subsequent roles, first as a consultant and later as a full-time staff at LAYC. He provided some consulting to the Promotor Pathway, conducting surveys with youth and cleaning data to facilitate data analysis.

In 2012, Toan joined the Learning & Evaluation team as a junior learning and evaluation specialist and played major contributing roles to the ETO system that included providing assistance in creating an ETO home page for each LAYC program, transition by the LAYC Career Academy to implementing ETO for tracking data, and managing data for the Adelante and Rita Bright programs during their conception. In addition to managing data in the ETO system, Toan has also designed and implemented ETO trainings for education, housing, recreation, mental health, wellness, and workforce programs in Maryland and DC.

It is therefore not surprising that in 2015, Toan was promoted to his current position, learning and evaluation specialist, where he continues to manage ETO data for multiple programs including education, workforce, and recreation. He continuously strives to improve the ETO system to facilitate better data analysis and reporting and is designing an ETO curriculum for further trainings for LAYC staff.

When Toan is not talking data, one will observe him frequently at almost all LAYC activities honoring the organization’s requests for staffing volunteers. He is also part of the Community Organizing for Racial Equity staff committee, where he is seeking to create broader awareness for civil rights through multi-media video education and to host a night in February where youth can watch the movie Selma.

We in the Learning and Evaluation Department are fortunate to have Toan as an integral part of the team and value his support and contributions. We admire his patience, commitment to excellence, and passion for social justice.

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