Millie Perez

by Barbara Myers, Chief Development Officer

Anyone who has been to one of LAYC’s many special events has seen the tremendous talents and enthusiasm of our Special Events Coordinator, Millie Perez. Whether getting dozens of turkeys for LAYC families donated at Thanksgiving, or ensuring that hundreds of our youth receive just the right gift for the holidays, or any of the countless other ways she makes our events perfect, Millie is tireless. She has played a central role in identifying and developing a number of key partnerships with local businesses and community leaders.

Like a few LAYC staff, Millie has served over 30 years at the LAYC. In addition to her work, she has served as a mentor and role model for so many youth who have walked through our doors. On any given day you will find young people in her office seeking the support, guidance, and love they know they will find. In her current role as Special Events Coordinator, she knows how to make LAYC shine so that other people are proud to support us. And, she always puts the young people front and center as we celebrate their successes and achievements.

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