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It is with a very heavy heart that I write this note. Today, we learned that the Trump administration has rescinded Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA. Honestly, we were expecting this on day one. The cruel and disheartening news came seven months later. Today, like business leaders, elected and appointed government officials, national organizations, and neighborhood groups all over the country, we condemn this decision. And we call upon Congressional leaders to make this right.

If you listen to the administration you would not know what an awesome group of young people DACA recipients are. The administration’s portrait of our youth is not based in fact. The information they share and the things they say about Dreamers simply are not true.

Did you know this about DACA recipients? 95% are working or in school. 48% got a job with better working conditions after receiving DACA. 90% got a driver’s license or state ID, and 12% were even able to buy a first home. They pay taxes, and they contribute to our nation’s quality of life in communities all across the country.

DACA, together with Temporary Protected Status (TPS), protects over 1,000,000 people who call this country their home. Ending DACA and TPS will mean that over 1,000,000 people could be deported. In fact, because the government already has their personal information from their applications, targeting DACA and TPS recipients for deportation could be as simple as a few key strokes in a database.

DACA youth and all immigrants are attacked and insulted almost daily by this administration. At LAYC, we try to comfort, support, and reassure our young people that we are there for them. We have helped DACA youth raise money to pay for their DACA paperwork. We help with college costs, and we support them in their workplaces. Most importantly, they can talk to us about their fears and their dreams.

2018 will be LAYC’s 50-year anniversary of supporting young people in the metropolitan area. Today, once again, we call upon you to step up and help by making a donation to LAYC to support our work with immigrant youth and families. We cannot fight for them and other vulnerable communities without your help.

Thank you very much for your generous contribution. Please know that we will use your gift to support the young lives that hang in the balance today as a result of this cruel decision.

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