Thanks to generous pro-bono support from American University’s (AU) School of Public Affairs (SPA), 45 LAYC program directors and managers are currently participating in a customized Key Executive Leadership training program that challenges good managers to become extraordinary leaders. The program, which provides executive coaching and experiential learning, is led by world-renowned instructors and incorporates transformational research to build and enhance careers in public service.

Thank you, Patrick Malone (SPA’s Key Executive Leadership program director and instructor), Vicky Wilkins (dean of SPA), and George Garcia (LAYC Health Promotions program manager) for making this possible!

SPA’s Key Executive Leadership programs provide customizable leadership development to meet an organization’s specific needs. This winter, LAYC staff are participating in Developing Leaders for a Complex World, an integrated program designed to develop public sector leaders at all levels of the organization. When asked to comment on SPA’s new partnership with LAYC, Patrick Malone remarked, “We are very touched by the work of the talented men and women of LAYC who change lives every day, and we’re honored to assist them on their leadership journey!”

During the program, LAYC staff will: 1) acquire contemporary public management knowledge, values, and skills; 2) develop personal leadership capacity needed to implement what they learn; and 3) transform themselves from good managers to extraordinary leaders. Program directors will attend workshops for nine and a half days, covering topics such as building and sustaining an inspired culture, how leaders can work to develop their own staff, and leading with integrity. Program managers will attend workshops for six and a half days, covering topics such as becoming authentic, leader as coach, and leading change.

Training participants will complete all of their classes as part of a single learning cohort, allowing them to be, in many ways, self-guided, self-motivated, and self-evaluative. Program professors with extensive experience within the public sector will stimulate relevant discussions and encourage participants to apply the concepts learned in class to their work. Participants will report back on their experience in their cohort’s next session and reflect on the challenges faced.

LAYC Chief Operating Officer Patricia Bravo is “thrilled about the opportunity to  learn and reflect on how LAYC can operationalize key leadership values already held by the organization,” such as those highlighted by the program’s facilitators: 1) Exhibiting a passion for improving public service; 2) Leading authentically; 3) Learning and working collaboratively; 4) Becoming a force for personal and organizational change; 5) Acting with integrity; 6) Modeling the behavior sought; and 7) Empowering others to action.

Now that training has commenced, LAYC staff are saying:

“The program has already proven to be an invaluable opportunity. The experience provides intentional spaces to process and develop leadership practices, while also fostering community building with my colleagues.”
–Kynai Johnson, LAYC director of education and workforce programs.

“We all want to be better leaders. This training is giving us tools to do that, and we get to train alongside folks who face similar challenges.”
-Kristen Patterson, workforce program manager in Prince George’s County, Maryland.

“I’m excited to be working with a program that emphasizes the values of trust, relationships, and culture in the context of developing leaders.”
-Jacob Newman, managing director of LAYC programs in Montgomery County, Maryland.

We are so thankful to American University’s School of Public Affairs and program instructors for providing this tremendous opportunity to LAYC staff. We are proud to recognize you as our December 2018 Supporter Spotlight.

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