Faith McNeill

by Faith’s fan club, a.k.a. co-workers and youth participants: Adam, Abi, Jimmy, Aroni, Kaisa, Eric, Jessica R., Bre, Chris A., Ryan E.

Faith McNeill joined the Maryland Multicultural Youth Centers (MMYC) and the Montgomery County Conservation Corps (MCCC) team as a case manager in the fall of 2014 and quickly became a driver of the Corps. One of Faith’s many talents is her ability to find every resource. As the youth say, “Faith is the MCCC plug. You need it, she’s got it.” New to Montgomery County, she quickly familiarized herself with the terrain so that she could consistently connect youth to the resources they needed.

Faith is an event-planning guru and always keeps an aesthetic eye for presentation and an engaging program for participants. When the Montgomery County Conservation Corps’ semi-annual closing ceremony rolls around, she ensures the awards given to the youth reflect who they are as individuals. Faith plays an outsized role at MMYC, volunteering to take a leadership role in organizing MMYC’s multi-site graduation and organizing other events like Silver Spring’s annual Halloween celebration and youth camping retreats.

Faith is essential to the Montgomery County Conservation Corps and to her team’s growth as youth developers. She motivates her colleagues with her ability to balance the tasks of her role effortlessly while also making time to support other teams and staff members. With enthusiasm, she ensures that our youth are doing their very best. Faith provides compassionate leadership, support, and guidance. Faith continually takes the initiative to ensure program success and has a keen sense of justice as she remains committed to providing the best possible opportunities for the youth that she serves.

Faith has revamped the Montgomery County Conservation Corps using her organizational prowess and digital wizardry. She has a talent for increasing productivity by streamlining processes and reorganizing existing structures. Her vision, insight, and perspective allow her to keep in mind long-term goals and the prep work that needs to get done in order to turn those goals into reality. She catches and ties up all loose ends no matter who is dropping them, and comes to work ready to motivate both the youth and her coworkers daily.

Asking both staff and youth to describe Faith, you will always hear the same: “She’s not afraid to keep it real with you. She will tell you how it is then work with you to get back on the same page.” She is a super-talented singer and clog dancer, and she is sooo smart! She is probably the only reason we made it out of the Escape Room (team-building exercise based on a spy mystery).” “She puts me on the spot, which tells me that she really cares for me.”

In short, “Her awesomeness knows no bounds.”

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