Wilson Senior High School Students in LAYC's Summer Arts Program

LAYC’s after-school and summer arts program at Wilson Senior High School teaches painting to students. Students conceptualize a design or theme and hand-paint repurposed furniture with non-toxic paints. 100% of proceeds from the sale of these pieces support the Wilson after-school program. To purchase a piece or set, please contact the Development Office. Purchaser is responsible for pick-up or shipping. 

The Universe Dining Table and Chairs Set

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The artists: June Karkee, Jyotsna Karkee, Jorwille Pagarian, Elaiza Nada, and Jose Torres.

Inspiration: We decided to portray the entire galaxy in which we live in. We painted the seven planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune) on the chairs. We made them look as if they’re floating around in space. The legs of the table have the same theme of the galaxy as the chairs. The table features the earth with motifs from the world’s different cultures. On the outer part of the table, we painted just a few flags of 20 countries from the world.

Specifications: (1) 60″ round pine table and (4) Windsor-style chairs; hand painted with acrylic, non-toxic paint.

Price: $250; Please contact the Development Office to purchase this set.

The “Swan Lake” for Two Table and Chairs Set

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The artists: Karla Reyes, Pablo Edwardo Soto Marte, Janel Cardenas, Shaza Ali, and Danith Chanvuth

Inspiration: The team painted an interpretation of Swan Lake. One of the chairs depicts a young woman in a boat; the other chair depicts a young man in a boat. When the chairs face each other, it becomes apparent that there is only one boat and one great divide between the star-crossed lovers. The table represents the reunification as swans. Our design is an ode to true love.

Specifications: (1) 11″x 17″ rectangle metal table, and (2) ladderback chairs; hand painted with acrylic, non-toxic paint.

Price: $125; Please contact the Development Office to purchase this set.

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