Over the past five years, Ruth’s family moved over 15 times, living in numerous apartments and shelters and dealing with considerable financial stress and multiple challenges in the household. 

The family’s financial worries and Ruth’s responsibilities increased even more during the pandemic. During the crisis, Ruth has been maintaining a job and caring for adult family members and younger siblings, all while working hard to finish high school and apply to college.  

With support from LAYC’s Promotor Pathway® and her community, Ruth and her family have been connected to critical food and rental assistance, beds and other furniture, counseling support, laptop and internet access to study and prepare for college, as well as social opportunities for Ruth to relax and enjoy being a teenager from time to time.

Ruth’s dedication and persistence, coupled with the right opportunities and encouragement, enabled her to achieve her educational goals. She just graduated at the very top of her high school class and will be attending George Mason University in the fall, where she has received a full scholarship! We are so proud of her accomplishments and excited about what the future holds for her.

The Promotor Pathway helped me manage all of the other challenges going on in my life so that I could focus on school and be where I am today. My future is bright. I plan to major in biology and my goal is to be a surgeon.” – Ruth, 2020 graduate


You can provide opportunity and hope to a future graduate

We will continue to provide opportunities to youth like Ruth and ensure they are prepared to succeed academically and socially in the coming school year.

As schools resume both virtually and in-person, your gift can help provide backpacks, school supplies, essential technology, and wraparound support so that young people can complete their schoolwork and avoid falling behind in their education.

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Your generous gift today will help ensure local youth feel excited, confident, and well-equipped to make the most of their academic year.

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Lupi Quinteros-Grady

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