Latin American Youth Center is at work in the District of Columbia, and Maryland’s Prince George’s and Montgomery Counties helping a diverse population of underserved youth reach their full academic, social, and professional potential. LAYC is unique, being the only multi-service youth development organization that offers multi-cultural, multi-lingual services to youth of all backgrounds in the Washington, DC area. Our work takes shape in the lives of our region’s most deserving youth through programs in Academics, Arts and Recreation, Health and Wellness, and Safe Housing. Visit our Blog for youth spotlights and recent happenings at LAYC.

Media Inquiries

As thought leaders on positive youth development, the leadership at Latin American Youth Center are experts in a wide range of topics related to youth development: in-school and out-of-school-time programs for middle and high school youth, prevention education and treatment services, residential housing, workforce training, arts and media programming, and much more. Their insightful commentary frequently appears in the major print and broadcast media, both regionally and nationally. We would be happy to identify staff best suited to answer your inquiries or provide commentary. For media inquiries, please contact:

Communications Team
(202) 319-2225

Press Releases

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LAYC News and Reports

November 1, 2018: Community Forklift: The Latin American Youth Center lifts up youth even on spooky days

October 1, 2018: The Tommy Show!: LAYC wins September Lyft Community Grant

September 27, 2018: Great Day Washington: The Latin American Youth Center is helping local teens find their voice

September 14, 2018: Local Initiatives Support Corporation: Latin American Youth Center: A Safe Path to Success

July 11, 2018: Meyer Foundation: Celebrating the Leadership and Legacy of Lori Kaplan

May 29, 2018: American University: Food for Action: Community-Based Research Scholars Help LAYC and Seek Answers

April 16, 2018: El Tiempo Latino: Centro Latinoamericano de la Juventud estrena nueva presidenta

February 22, 2017: Local Initiatives Support Corporation: LISC Announces Pay for Success Partners

January 10, 2017: Washington Business Journal: Raising funds or raising fists: D.C. nonprofits embrace Inauguration Day

December 26, 2016: Washington Post: Schools warn of increased student fears due to immigration arrests, Trump election

December 26, 2016: Chicago Tribune: Schools try to ease fears about deportation

December 21, 2016: Youth Today: Preventing Gang Violence By Offering a Community

December 16, 2016: Washington Business Journal: Uncertainty: D.C.-area nonprofits gear up for a Trump administration

December 1, 2016: Executive Leaders Radio: Lori M. Kaplan, President & CEO at Latin American Youth Center

November 11, 2016: Youth Radio: Teens Ask, “What Now, America?”

November 10, 2016: The Chronicle of Philanthropy: Liberal-Leaning Groups Flood Supporters With Urgent Post-Election Messages

November 10, 2016: Youth Today: Youth Vote Still Divided by Race, Report Finds

November 3, 2016: NBC4 Washington: How Talking With Children Can Help Stop the Domestic Violence Epidemic

October 29, 2016: Youth Today: Resource Guide Shows Ways to Support Undocumented Students

September 8, 2016: Washington Post: Looking for art free of politics? Don’t look here.

September 2, 2016: El Tiempo Latino: Un closet de esperanza en DC

August 22, 2016: Youth Today: We Know Enough to Act: What Research Says (Again) About Effectively Supporting Youth

July 7, 2016: America’s Promise Alliance: ‘Trusted Advisors’ Help Young People Navigate Challenges

June 13, 2016: America’s Promise Alliance: Hidden in Plain Sight, Homeless Students in America’s Public Schools Report, page 28 of full report.

May 30, 2016: Washington Post: Award-winning nonprofit group could lose Montgomery job-training contract

May 6, 2016: BISNOW: Latin American Youth Center Gala!

May 2, 2016: El Tiempo Latino: Programa transforma vidas de jóvenes en DC y Maryland

March 14, 2016: Washington Post: The best way to reach homeless kids is rarely used

March 4, 2016: Project Hope Alliance: Letter from Bill Clinton

December 24, 2015: LA Times: School district and Project Hope Alliance will help homeless students to age 24

December 15, 2015: Thrive Foundation for Youth: A Mentor is For Life

October 29, 2015: El Tiempo Latino: Ellos cambian vidas

July 21, 2015: Stanford Social Innovation Review: Five Programmatic Lessons in Scaling Impact

April 27, 2015:  Washington Post: Inside the hidden world of homeless teen mothers

November 7, 2014: El Tiempo Latino: Homenaje a los héroes del LAYC

May 20, 2013: Brookings Institute: Confronting Suburban Poverty in America Case Study on Latin American Youth Center, Adapting Urban Social Services for Suburban Communities

September 15, 2013: Washington Post: Charity Works: How crunching big data can save a child

June 19,  2013: Huffington Post, Chelsea Clinton: Reclaiming America’s Youth and Recovering Our Economy\

May 3, 2013: El Tiempo Latino: Cumplen 45 años cuidando a los jóvenes

Press Kit

The mission of the Latin American Youth Center (LAYC) is to empower a diverse population of youth to achieve a successful transition to adulthood through multi-cultural, comprehensive, and innovative programs that address youths’ social, academic, and career needs.

For nearly 50 years, LAYC has been committed to transforming the lives of low-income young people and their families. LAYC offers multi-service, comprehensive, and bilingual enrichment, prevention, and intervention programs and opportunities in education, workforce readiness, housing, community building, mental health services, arts, and healthy recreation to over 4,000 individuals each year.

LAYC has special expertise in serving underserved youth, low-income teen parents, homeless youth, youth in foster care and juvenile justice systems, and youth facing mental health, substance abuse, or complex family issues.

While LAYC initially worked with Latino youth of diverse backgrounds, today all youth—Latino, African American, African—are supported by LAYC at sites in the District of Columbia and Maryland’s Prince George’s and Montgomery Counties.


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