Latin American Youth Center’s Teen Center is a part of the Community Wellness Department. The Teen Center is a dynamic environment that provides safe and engaging space youth age 11-21.  The Teen Center hosts a broad array of after-school activities and programs for youth such as: Art & Media instruction, Leadership development programs, tutoring and college preparation in partnership with area universities, and recreational opportunities.

The Teen Center has a work environment that is team oriented. The scope of work often requires collaboration with other LAYC staff, schools or community partners. The Teen Center needs an innovative staff member who demonstrates a combination of 1) organization and resourcefulness, 2) aptitude for working with youth in a caring and responsible manner, and 3) outside the box creative thinker.

The Media Coordinator is responsible for the development of media classes which can include – radio, music production, photography, and video. The coordinator will develop curriculum, maintain studio and equipment, and monitor consultants who may be teaching additional media classes. Current Need is for person in this position to be able to teach and produce youth radio episodes:

W-LAYC Radio: The Instructor facilitates radio programming and works directly with youth to develop the skills necessary to address the issues that impact their lives.  The program brings together youth to develop audio production skills, learn about issues, and develop their own radio show. The program brings together youth to 1) develop leadership skills, 2) learn about issues, and 3) take on the roles to plan and record a monthly radio show. They will do their own work, but also serve as a Radio Corps that works to bring the voices of other groups at the Teen Center/LAYC to the mic.

Note: Location is Washington, D.C.  Currently all programming is virtual and has the flexibility to begin as a part-time position and increase to a full-time position.  Although programming is currently virtual, position requires hours at the physical office as well as telework.

LAYC is a culturally competent organization that prioritizes recruiting and supporting staff who have shared life experiences with our youth.


Create an engaging and safe environment; provide structure for youth to fully participate in Teen Center activities.

Curriculum Development and Instruction:

  • Develop syllabus, curriculum, and objectives for each assigned class
  • Employ a variety of instructional techniques, instructional media, and performance assessments, which guide the learning process toward curriculum goals and student learning.
  • Research, identify, and coordinate additional opportunities that complement sessions – ie. fieldtrips or guest speakers.
  • Provide instruction for assigned classes.
  • Assess progress of participants throughout the course and keep staff informed of progress.
  • Help students develop and complete project to contribute to final exhibition at the end of session.

Programs Responsibility:

  • Create an engaging environment and structure for youth to fully participate in activities
  • Prepare work for projects/exhibition/presentation
  • Maintain inventory and monitor use of equipment
  • Be responsible for the safety and well-being of students and equipment.
  • Support overall Teen Center programs, activities, and space

Recruitment and Registration

  • Works in collaboration with staff on recruitment events
  • Develops and updates outreach materials as needed
  • Collaborates with staff to establish outreach schedule; and develops program specific outreach

Efforts-to-Outcomes Evaluations

  • Maintain ETO inputs for youth attendance and youth progress
  • Work in collaboration with ETO staff to evaluate effectiveness of evaluation instruments


  • Attends regular staff meetings if requested;
  • Attends workshops, seminars, and training sessions as required;
  • Be familiar with the work facility and regulations.
  • Maintain regular communication with supervisor about program operation issues.


  • BA Degree or strong relevant experience
  • At least one year of experience with community organization/youth programming
  • Complete criminal record clearance
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Fluency in English
  • Computer proficiency
  • Ability to work well and communicate with culturally diverse populations.


 This is an active position that requires the ability to speak, hear, see, and lift small objects up to 25 lbs.

LAYC is proud to be an equal opportunity employer that values diversity as a strength and fosters an environment of mutual respect. LAYC is committed to providing opportunities without any regard to age, race, color, pregnancy, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, veteran status or status within any other protected group.

To Apply:  Submit a letter of interest, resume and contact information for two professional references to