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Promotor Pathway - A New Model for Youth Development

Launched in August 2008, LAYC's Promotor Pathway is a long-term client management intervention model for disconnected youth whose obstacles such as lack of education, homelessness, trauma, substance abuse, and court involvement prevent them from accessing resources and achieving educational, employment, and healthy living goals. Promotores work on a one-on-one basis with each youth to remove barriers, proactively encourage participation in a broad set of LAYC services, and connect them to other needed resources through participation in a broad set of LAYC services, and connect them to other needed resources within the community so they may make a successful transition to adulthood and reconnect to their families and communities.

LAYC Believes:

  • A strong relationship with a caring adult is critical to a youth's ability to achieve successful outcomes
  • Combining individualized client management with mentoring and high-quality services leads to transformational outcomes for youth
  • Client management will give disconnected youth an opportunity to develop a relationship with an LAYC staff person committed to the "relentless pursuit" of his/her success

The Promotor Pathway Goes Beyond Traditional Case Management Models

“My Promotor is like my personal 911.  I can call anytime for whatever I need” - youth, age 17

“My Promotor supported me when no one else would.” – youth, age 22

Promotores are LAYC staff that act as mentors, case managers, community health workers, and advocates for high risk youth.  These highly trained and experienced staff work intentionally and deliberately to build relationships designed to transform a young person’s life.  Working across programs to address all the youth’s needs, Promotores work with youth over an extended period of time, approximately 4 to 6 years.  They continue to work with youth even after they complete programs and services, ensuring a lasting impact by constantly moving towards academic success, long-term employment, and live healthy living skills.


Over the long term, each youth working with a Promotor will:

  • Obtain a High School diploma or equivalent and enroll in post-secondary education;
  • Acquire and retain employment with long-term career potential;
  • Obtain the skills necessary to lead a healthy and happy life.

Promotores Evaluation Design and Results

As with all LAYC programs, the Promotor Pathway uses Efforts-To-Outcomes (ETO,) a web-based data management system that allows for sophisticated demographic output, and outcomes reporting. ETO allows Promotores to track youths' progress along many dimensions including whether goals are being met, frequency of service provision, and completion of referrals. 

Promotores Results

To complement LAYC's internal outcomes measurement described above, the Pathway is undergoing an external evaluation to analyze and assess the impact of the Promotor model on the lives of young people. This multi-year evaluation uses the most rigorous form of study, with the random assignment (RTC) of eligible youth. This external evaluation began in April 2010 and is expected to be completed in 2014.

Evaluation Design

Partnerships/ Major Recognition

In 2010, the LAYC's Promotor Pathway was selected to participate in the Social Innovation Fund as one of Venture Philanthropy Partner (VPP) youthCONNECT initiative. Participation in the Social Innovation Fund allows LAYC to build the model's capacity to impact more young people.

Research Behind the Promotores Model

Contact Information

For more information about LAYC's Promotor Youth Development Model, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Promotor Pathway Director at (202) 319-0441.

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