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Tuesday, 10 July 2012 12:54
Fieldtrip to the National Zoo, July 19, 2012

Fieldtrip to the National Zoo, July 19, 2012


LAYC's summer programming kicked off on June 25 engaging over 200 youth in enriching programs in the arts, college access, and community wellness.  LAYC's program sites include:

In the District

  • 2nd Nature participants in front of the Art + Media House.

    2nd Nature participants in front of the Art + Media House.

  • College Access: academic advising, tutoring, supplemental academic instruction, and six weeks at The George Washington University.
  • Healthy Youth United: nutrition and fitness, substance abuse prevention, sexual health and sexuality, and conflict resolution and peace promotion
  • Art + Media House: creative writing, photography, video production, and painting
  • Wilson Senior High School: art therapy, fitness and sports, and sexual education
  • Roosevelt Senior High School
  • Rita Bright Family & Youth Center

In Maryland

  • Workforce Program in Prince George's County was the first to kick-off the summer starting their program June 4th and ending July 20th. Thirty youth have been participating in the Summer Internship program and attending in-house trainings/field trips on Fridays. 
  • Roadmap AmeriCorps Program: academics and enrichment activities that include food and nutrition, dance, curcuit trainin, and arts.
  • Workforce Montgomery County Program/Conservation Corps:  youth work outdoors on different projects, particiate in job readiness training and teambuilding excercises. The program includes an iternship.
  • Parents As Leaders: parents attend Saturday sessions to learn about how to become more involved in their children's education, navigate the system, and discuss topics of interest.
  • Riverdale AmeriCorps Summer Program, in partnership with Gap Busters and Maryland Extension: academics and enrichment activities that include dance and theatre, gardening and nutrition, circuit training, yoga and arts. 
  • High Point High School: Leaders Like Me gang prevention program where youth work on murals and participate in wellness workshops.

Updates from the Field

Wilson Senior High School

A painted table from Wilson Senior High School's art program.

A painted table from Wilson Senior High School's art program.

The program began with the each supervisor introducing their tracks, which were the Art Therapy, Fitness and Sports, and Stages of Life (sexual education). The students had a chance to meet the supervisors and interact with other youth in team-building activities such as the "Human Knot" and the "Blanket Name Game." Youth sampled each track before choosing one for the rest of the summer. For example, youth learned tennis skills from the Fitness supervisor, and traced their silouettes for the art class.  The first week set the stage for a summer of learning and having fun.

Art + Media House

The youth have enjoyed exploring the four art and media tracks (creative writing, photography, video production, and painting) meeting new friends and learning about the Civil War, the theme for the summer. In this first week, participants received an introduction to the four tracks. For example, in the photography tracks, participants explored the elements of composition and parts of a camera.

In the next weeks, participants will delve into their chosen track, go on a camping trip to Catoctin Mountain Park, make a self portrait and begin planning their final project or presentation piece.

Check back for updates and like us on Facebook for summer program pictures.

See the July 13 Washington Post e-article about summer youth employment.