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Monday, 20 December 2010 10:40

LAYC Upward Bound participant Betlihem Ayalew was recently chosen to speak at the "No Labels" launch event at Columbia University. No Labels is a movement made up of Democrats, Republicans and independents who are focused on bringing an end to "hyper-partisan" politics.

Bethlihem is a junior at Benjamin Banneker Academic High School and has been a participant in LAYC's Upward Bound program for several years. She is interested in attending the University of Pennsylvania, University of North Carolina, Cornell University or Emory University to study medicine and foreign affairs.  

At the conference, Bethlihem was chosen to speak to people from across the country about the importance of the involvement of women in government and how the country can benefit from the No Labels movement.

"The goal of No Labels is to move the country forward rather then left or right," Bethlihem said. "It is very inspiring to see people from all around the U.S. that are a part of different parties and age groups be so politically involved."