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With Dignity, Hope & Joy Captures LAYC's Rich History

After a year of comprehensive research and interviews, extraordinary stories of people impacted by the Latin American Youth Center (LAYC) and the organization's history are captured in With Dignity, Hope and Joy. †Researched and written by Marcia Bernbaum, who volunteered her time for this project, and with assistance from Isaac Castillo, LAYC's former director of Learning and Evaluation, With Dignity, Hope and Joy narrates LAYC's birth and growth and lessons learned through the eyes of youth, staff, and numerous individuals from the community. The report takes its title from LAYC's mission: to support youth and their families in their determination to live, work, and study with dignity, hope, and joy.† LAYC achieves its mission by providing comprehensive, multi-lingual, and culturally sensitive programs, support, and opportunities in education, employment, social services, advocacy, and social enterprise.

Anyone who works with young people or in a community-based organization will find much of interest within as will funders, local officials, and service providers who support youth development agencies.

137 individuals were interviewed: DC government employees, representatives from foundations, former executive directors and LAYC Board members and alumni, academics, and consultants with extensive youth development experience.

"Each day at LAYC there is a fresh success to celebrate, an obstacle overcome, a new mountain scaled. LAYC is honored to share these amazing stories," said Lori Kaplan, LAYC's President & CEO. "The stories in the oral history capture the great work our staff do to make a positive change in youth, their families, and the community," continued Kaplan. "I invite you to learn more about our youth, staff, and the work we do."

With Dignity, Hope, and Joy: Youth, staff, and community leaders talk about LAYC's 30+year history, the organization's impact on youth, and lessons learned from the LAYC experience. Click on the links below to download the corresponding files.

With Dignity, Hope, and Joy - Case Study (6.3mb pdf)

With Dignity, Hope, and Joy - Case Study Summary

Oral History of the Latin American Youth Center, 1969-2006