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LAYC Child Placement Team, Social Services

LAYC Child Placement Team, Social Services



Throughout Washington DC and Maryland's Prince George's and Montgomery Counties, Latin American Youth Center staff serve the region's most deserving youth. In Washington, DC's Columbia Heights neighborhood, LAYC staff provide wrap-around services including GED programs, HIV and pregnancy testing, leadership opportunities, arts and recreation, computer technology, counseling and treatment, housing assistance, and street outreach services, among other programs and services. In Maryland, LAYC's Maryland Multicultural Youth Centers' staff deliver programs based on LAYC's proven youth development model.

As the area's youth development needs have grown, LAYC's presence and workforce have grown, too. LAYC has a staff of over 200, operating at roughly 20 sites in the District and Maryland and an annual budget of $14 million.

While career opportunities are available in fields ranging from program delivery to administration, all LAYC staff are youth developers. At LAYC, everything we do is within a positive youth development (PYD) framework. LAYC defines PYD as engaging young people in achieving their full potential by providing opportunities and services along with the mentoring support of a competent, caring adult.

At LAYC you will find smart people, innovative programs, commitment for our area's youth, strong leadership, and diversity that reflects the communities we serve. Walk into an LAYC site and you may find a Chilean college-bound young women greeting you at reception, an African-American mid-career counselor, or a Puerto Rican art instructor who was once a participant at the center.

We hope that you consider joining our regional workforce. Working at LAYC will change your life, as you change lives.

Please return to this career website periodically to find new job listings, stories, and profiles about people at LAYC who are building successful futures for our area's most deserving youth.

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