Fundraising for a multi-million dollar nonprofit is a complicated, time-consuming, and paper-heavy process. I started an effort to create a searchable, digital-format catalog of our more than 40-year history of grant funding (housed in our office in paper form) several months ago, but it soon became apparent it would be too time-consuming for me to complete on my own, so I began recruiting volunteers to help with the project. A few came in and out, but we finally got a lucky break with Paul Gomero, volunteer extraordinaire!

Having recently emigrated from Peru, Paul was spending his time networking and volunteering as he looked for full-time employment. He saw our volunteer request on LAYC’s website and offered his services.

Since then, he’s worked with the development team for more than two months and put in over 80 hours. Paul not only completed our data cataloging project but also took on a demographics research project and has begun analyzing our social media and website data. A trained data analyst, his technical expertise has assisted our department more than we could have imagined. His commitment to volunteerism and dedication to LAYC’s mission shines through.

LAYC’s development team is truly grateful for Paul’s willingness to donate his time and expertise to the youth center. To honor his incredible work, Paul was our first volunteer ever to earn the “Development Superstar” award earlier this month.

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